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Delaware & Lehigh - Anthracite Labor Wars
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Anthracite Labor Wars

Tenancy, Italians, and Organized Crime in the Northern Coalfield of Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1897-1959 by Robert P. Wolensky and William A. Hastie, Sr.

Part I. The subcontracting system at the Erie Coal Companies — Control, competitiveness, and conflict : an introduction to the subcontracting system — The Erie Coal Companies and the subcontracting system

Part II. Labor-management conflict at the Erie Coal Companies — Grassroots solidarity : Italians, Wildcatters, and the Industrial Workers of the World, 1903-1916 — The labor rebellions of 1920 and 1924-25 : the United Mineworkers of America and the Erie Coal Companies — The subcontracting rebellion at the No. 6 Colliery, 1928

Part III. The leasing system, labor’s response, anthracite’s decline — The leasing system : tenancy, organized crime, and labor resistance — Tenancy systems and the decline of the northern anthracite industry

Part IV. Postscript : Italian mineworkers in anthracite — The Italian community on strike : a forgotten chapter in anthracite labor and ethnic history

Soft cover, 445 p. : ill., maps


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